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Capt. Murphy's Deck Officer's Study Guide

Vol. 1  Deck General$ 51.00
2Navigation General42.00
3Deck Safety 69.00
4Rules of the Road 35.00
5Navigation Problems60.00
6Deck Examination Illustration Book 27.00
 Complete Set Vol. 1 through 6 249.00

Also Available:

Bowditch Pub. 9, 2002 Edition$75.00
Bowditch Vol. 2, 1981 reprint52.95
Chart Number 115.00
Formulae for the Mariner12.99
Great Circle Tracking Charts 5270, 527412.95 ea.
Maneuvering Board7.95/pad
Nautical Almanac (current year)29.95
Plotting Sheets (923, 924)12.95 ea.
Radar Plotting Sheets10.95/pad
Reprint - 1981 Almanac for Exam37.50
Reprint - Light List & Coast Pilot USG 16721.3839.95
Reprint - Tide Tables & Current Tables USG 16721.4639.95
Sight Reduction Tables-Vol 2 Pub 22921.95
Stability Data Reference Book19.95
Training Charts (12221TR, 12354TR, 13205TR)12.95 ea.
Universal Plotting Sheets7.95/pad
USCG Navigation Rules15.00

We stock:
Rite in the Rain Notebooks in various sizes and styles, Cornell Maritime Press, Weems & Plath plotting tools. We are a Chart Agent, CFRs & other Government Publications available on request.
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